Move - Mouse or W + S or + ,
Use - Left Click / Spacebar


 About this game:

This game is a remake of classic brick breaker games like Breakout/Arkanoid. There are 2 game modes, totalling 111 levels and a final boss, as well as a level editor where you can make your own level and play it. If you would like to save your game progress, there is an old school password system where you can continue your game by entering a password at the main menu. It will save only your game level progress for all modes, and your highest score. You can view the current password for your game state either by clicking the save button during gameplay up in the top right corner, or on the game over sceen, or on the password input screen from the main menu. You can get to the main menu from in game at any time by pressing the button with 3 lines up in the top right corner.

This project began as an attempt to just remake a retro game to the and then branched off into a full-fledged brick breaker game. The programming for this game engine utilized some of my knowledge of physics/trigonometry in order to calculate the trajectories of the ball. (vector math and basic trigonometric functions)

    For this project, most of the artwork and all of the sounds and music were obtained online from other sources, as I mostly do these games for the programming experiece and creating artwork/music is very time consuming. The individuals whose art I have used in my game and their contact info have been listed in the credits section of the main menu. Please be sure to check their work out as well.